On the brink of their beloved single screen independent movie theater being shut down forever, a misfit band of theater workers face the corporate evil, foreclosure and the unthinkable…having to decide what they want to be when and if they ever grow up.
“Working in a movie theater can often feel like arrested development for the young people that get trapped in its clutches. Sure, you get to see as any movies as you want, but you’re often sacrificing a social life to work at the place where everyone goes on Friday and Saturday night to get out. Tight friendships can develop in that type of work environment. But what happens when that environment is in its final days? Concessionaires Must Die is a movie about the lives of a staff at a single screen movie theater when the theater is faced with closing.” – Brian Walton, nerdist.com


An interview with actress/producer Zaki Rubenstein with the local TV station! Click here to see it!


An Interview with Director America Young about the movie and their unusual method of fundraising for it!  Click here to read it!


Videos of the live stream from set and the cast & crew interviews can be seen HERE!